self-service bicycle repair station

A self-service bicycle repair station has been set up at Wola Park and is now available to all cyclists. Situated in the bike park, the convenient facility provides the perfect place for cyclists to make minor repairs to their bikes or top up the air in their tyres. The station is located at the guided car park, opposite to Wola Court offices.

The self-service station allows bikes to be mounted on a convenient rack system, making repairs much easier to carry out. A variety of handy tools have been provided, all secured on wires long enough to reach all the different parts of your bike. These include Phillips-head and flat screwdrivers, a TORX T25 screwdriver, flat wrenches, an adjustable spanner, a bicycle pump adapted to various kinds of valves, and a tyre lever.

The station allows cyclists to give their bikes a full check-up. For additional help, a QR CODE on the front of the station provides access to online publications and manuals with instructions for repairing various kinds of faults.

The repair point is available free of charge.