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IKEA offer a wide range of well designed, functional elements of house equipment at the prices low enough for many people to pay. This idea is taken into account with all IKEA actions, from a project through a production to the sale of the articles in the IKEA shops.To get more information about IKEA and our products please visit our website


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We are even closer to you now.Now, at Wola Park, you can collect your order made at but also design and order your dream-come-true furniture and accessories from IKEA!Get inspired with the products from our assortment and arrange your house at the IKEA Planning Studio of Wola Park. Our designers are at your disposal at Wola Park! They will assist you in designing your dream-come-true kitchen, personalized dressing area or a functional storage system.At IKEA Planning Studio you can order thousands of products which we will deliver to your home or which you will be able to collect at Wola Park.Find out more about IKEA Planning Studio