Wola Park was named after a unique historical park. At the beginning of XIX century the Ulrich family created this unique garden space. Starting with flower breeding and ending with steel glasshouses where exotic fruits and tropical plants were cultivated. It was an outstanding gardening farm serving not only as plant cultivation but also as an educational facility where one could rest surrounded by landscapes with which other parts of Warsaw could not compare themselves. 

Ulrich Gardens along with their impressive parks became the favourite spot for walking in this part of Warsaw. However, in the second half of XX century, after the last owner of the object had passed away, nationalization of the enterprise contributed to its gradual collapse and ultimately - liquidation.
In 2002, construction of the Shopping Mall Wola Park began here and one year later the historical places located in the area of the Centre were renovated and reinstated.

We strive for Ulrich Gardens to regain its greatness, impress with their uniqueness, and constitute a true retreat from the city hustle and bustle. In the spring of 2022, we managed to reinstate their former glow. The Ulrich Gardens will be formed by revitalized Glasshouses and the Ulrich Park, Daily Garden, Ulrich Villa and Green Cabin. It will constitute an innovative space filled with plants, delicious cusine, relaxation and valuable knowledge about ecology and healthy eating habits - a unique retreat for the young and older district inhabitants and so much more. 

We invite everyone to visit our website - www.ogrodyulricha.pl - where you will be able to discover the details of the investment and follow the latest news related to maintenance and construction works.