family first - amenities for families with children

On the premises of Wola Park, you can find places which will make your family visit to our centre even more enjoyable! Below are the amenities that will undoubtedly make family shopping easier:

  • If parents want to do quick shopping, they can take their children to Kubusiowo Playroom.
  • They can also spend their time together with their children on a free-of-charge, indoor playground, which is located on the second floor.
  • For parents with young children we have prepared the Room for Parents with Babies where you can take care of your baby in peace and quiet. The Room is located on the second floor next to KFC restaurant.
  • We rent car-shaped trolleys to make shopping more convenient for parents with young children.
  • The eating zone is furnished with tables and couches which will comfortably accommodate an entire family. We also have special chairs for the youngest children.
  • In Wola Park’s car parks there are special parking places for families with children which are located next entrances to the shopping centre.
  • You cannot be bored in Wola Park! We periodically organize events with themes that will surely be interesting for both children and parents!