family meals

We invite all those who are hungry or very hungry – we have something for the enthusiasts of classic American cuisine (Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC), we serve Polish traditional meals, healthy snacks and desserts (Karczma Soplicowo, Mleczarnia, Wrap&Eat, Salad Story and Yogen Früz) and also specialties from various corners of the world: Pizza EATaliano, Restauracja Oro (Oro Restaurant), Berlin Döner Kebap, Olimp, Ichiban Sushi, Akasaka Sushi, Zenthai Asia Food or North Fish.

Our eating zone also provides attractions for children who do not like spending much time at the table – a free-of-charge playground, located next to the eating zone, will satisfy children’s desire for fun while their parents can have a coffee in the meantime. There are also comfortable highchairs with trays for the youngest children.