history of wola park

Wola Park is named after a real park. In 1805, the Ulrich family started its interest in gardening and, in time, started specializing in plant cultivation. In 1876, Krystian Ulrich created a model horticultural farm, with huge greenhouses, plant nurseries and a large park in the area of today’s Wola (formerly the village Górka).

Ulrich’s gardens soon became the favourite place for strolling of the inhabitants of this part of Warsaw, however, the nationalization of Ulrich’s undertaking in 1958 contributed to its slow decline followed by liquidation.

In 2002 the construction of the Wola Park Shopping Centre was commenced, and a year later the historic places located in the area of the Centre were renovated. The park in front of the entrance is the old display garden of the Ulrich’s family. In the eastern part of the park, alleys are organized geometrically, in the western part – they are irregular. However, the biggest attractions of this place are the rare species of trees, some of which were planted by the Ulrichs in the 19th century. The trees have survived to this day and such specimens as a scarlet beech, red maple and pin oak still delight the eye. The garden became the place of rest and relaxation anew – styled benches were placed in it and the entrance is adorned by a fountain.